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Titanium Dioxide USP FCC

AIC’s Titanium Dioxide USP FCC (Hombitan AFDC) is an anatase, uncoated and exceptionally pure water dispersible material produced by Venator in Pori, Finland.

The material provides our clients with the best possible whiteness and opacity.  The tightly controlled particle size enables our customers to achieve consistency in terms of color, opacity, and surface texture,  while achieving optimum dispersability.

Hombitan AFDC is ideal for applications in food, nutrition, pet food, pharmaceutical (tablet coatings and gelatin capsules), cosmetic and personal care.

The material is cGMP compliant and certified to FSSC standards.For our personal care  customers requiring  an oil dispersible Titanium Dioxide, AIC can provide Hombitan AFDC200 for personal care and cosmetic applications.