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HPMC is a versatile non-ionic cellulosic material used throughout multiple industries, including pharmaceutical & ophthalmic, food, construction, janitorial cleaners & detergents and cosmetics.

HPMC functions as a rheology modifier, thickener, dispersant, emulsifier, film forming agent and binder.

In oral solid dosage tablets, HPMC film coating adhesive can significantly improve the dissolution rate of drugs through controlled release while enhancing the waterproofing of the tablets. It is also great for ophthalmic suspensions, as it acts to extend a lubricant’s availability thereby decreasing eye irritation.  In food and industrial areas, HPMC can be used as an extrusion aid due to its binding capabilities and also as a thickener and emulsifier.

HPMC has also become the main material for plant-based two-piece capsules.

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