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TriStar™ Stearic Acid NF is a vegetable based stearic acid produced using a proprietary milling process, which results in snow-flaked, fluffy, amoeba-like shaped powder.

A special blend of fatty acid is used in the production of TriStar™.  TriStar™ is manufactured in a dedicated, FDA inspected facility, under full GMP conditions with the highest standards of quality control. Material is RSPO. GRAS, Kosher, and Halal.

TriStar has a high bulk density and results in optimum distribution when pressed under heat during tableting. TriStar is a tested lubricant offering functionality during direct compression of compacts and granulates of active ingredients (dry and wet granulation). Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Vitamin C are among the many granulates tested.

Use Level Guideline: Begin to use TriStar™ NF at 50% the levels of traditional stearates. It is possible to lower your lubricant level even further and achieve optimum results.

TriStar™ is a tremendous improvement over alkaline stearates because it:

  • Produces harder tablets
  • Produces smoother and shinier tablet surfaces
  • Produces chewable tablets at lower use levels
  • Does not impede the dissolution rate of Actives
  • Is less sensitive to “overblending”
  • Can be used with acid Actives
  • Is bland in flavor
  • Does not “cake”