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AIC is the exclusive North-American distributor of Astalíf™, a premium natural astaxanthin manufactured by Algalif™, a leading microalgae ingredient supplier from Iceland.

Algalif ProductsYour Trusted Source for Natural Astaxanthin from Iceland

AIC is proud to be the commercial partner with Algalif in the promotion of Astalif, high-grade natural astaxanthin from microalgae from Iceland. Algalif is built on a foundation of quality, purity, and sustainability and AIC and Algalif are firmly committed to these principles.

Utilizing closed system cultivation to minimize contamination risk, Algalif’s state-of-the-art, cGMP-compliant facility produces algal biomass with high level of astaxanthin content and high ratio of pure astaxanthin compared to other carotenoids (≥ 95%), with no quantifiable heavy metals. Using Icelandic water that is naturally low in minerals and unchlorinated in a facility 100% powered by renewable geothermal energy, proprietary lighting systems and production methods allow for 50% reduction in energy use and minimal water evaporation in the production of algal biomass.

With applications in the categories of sports nutrition, cognitive health, and healthy aging support, in solid dose forms including soft gels, gummies, capsules and more, Astalif natural astaxanthin from AIC and Algalif is available in oleoresin, powder and beadlet form. Contact your local AIC sales representative for more information.


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