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As the only European producer of Tapioca, Tipiak is committed to R&D for new uses of tapioca in plant-based texturizers.

Tapioca is a cassava-based products can be used as an alternative to soy, polyphosphates, and carrageenan, and guaranteed quality and food safety.

Why Tapioca Starch?

  • Smooth and creamy texture when cooked makes it easy to be added in various food items
  • Neutral taste and translucent color makes for a perfect carrier or additive in foods
  • Non-GMO cassava for assured quality and food safety

Their high-quality, cassava-derived tapioca delivers a smooth consistency to desserts and soups, and creaminess to liquids and creams. Cassava pearls can be used for visual texture in desserts, puddings, or bowls and can be used as a plant-based imitation of fish eggs. Lastly, cassava starch is a multi-use product that delivers a soft, creamy texture and translucent, gel-like consistency with a neutral taste and color when cooked. Tipiak offers three cassava-based texturizers for various uses in meat/fish products, dairy and cheese products, sauces, ready-made meals, pastries and baked goods.

We've teamed up with Tipiak to bring tapioca-based solutions to common recipe formulation challenges. Check out the Tapioca Texturizer Challenge to learn more!

What sets Tipiak Tapioca products apart from native tapioca starches? Watch the video below!