January 27, 2021

Innophos Expands Partnership with American International Chemical

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 27, 2021 -- American International Chemical (AIC) announced an expanded partnership with Innophos, a global leader in specialty minerals.  The agreement between AIC and Innophos is a strategic move to improve service levels and meet rising demands for specialty minerals in the Food and Nutrition Industry.

"We are pleased to announce our broadened partnership with AIC across the country for specialty mineral products. Our 20-year relationship with AIC and their wide presence in the United States gives us confidence that they will be able to enhance our previous levels of service in product delivery, distribution area, and customer service," says Innophos Commercial Director of Nutrition, David Madison.

LBB Specialties, parent company to AIC, is providing greater penetration of the U.S. market and expanded opportunities for Innophos customers.  Innophos' specialty mineral portfolio complements the existing AIC minerals portfolio, thereby offering nearly every option a customer may require.

Darren Birkelbach, CEO of LBB Specialties, stated: "This distribution authorization allows AIC to leverage our national warehouse footprint to benefit Innophos customers.  The change will reduce customer lead times and allow our national sales team to deploy and provide enhanced customer assistance with existing and new projects."  He goes on to say, "Expanding our partnership with Innophos, a global leader in specialty minerals, is another step forward in filling out our expansive portfolio for the Food and Nutrition Industry. We appreciate the continued vote of confidence and deep collaboration with Innophos and look forward to growing together in the future."

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