AIC’s DavosLife E3 Tocotrienol concentrate is manufactured by KLK Oleo, a division of KLK, in Malaysia to meet the needs of the food, dietary supplement and personal care industries. Tocotrienols, though part of the Vitamin E family and very similar to tocopherols, can be differentiated from tocopherols by the three double bonds in the farnesyl isoprenoid tail of tocotrienols. KLK Oleo’s full backward integration provides the most competitive economics possible and GMP practices ensure the highest quality material for the food, nutritional and cosmetic markets.

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Specification Sheets

Tocotrienol Concentrate 30 TTLDC3

Tocotrienol Concentrate DVL 50 TTLD5L

Tocotrienol Concentrate DVL 95 TTLDC9

Tocotrienol Concentrate DVL84 TTL84L

Tocotrienol Powder Water Soluble DVP 30 WS

Tocotrienol SE Bioenhanced 20 TT20BE

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