galenIQ™ filler-binder

Great Choice. Great taste.

galenIQ™ is pharma-grade ISOMALT that makes medicine taste pleasant. Whether tablet or powder blend, capsule, lozenge or syrup, … galenIQ™ combines a multitude of outstanding characteristics, suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications.

Specification Sheets

GalenIQ 720 Isomalt ISM720

GalenIQ 721 Isomalt ISM721

GalenIQ 800 Isomalt ISM800

GalenIQ 801 Isomalt ISM801

GalenIQ 810 Isomalt ISM810

GalenIQ 960 Isomalt ISM960

GalenIQ 981 Isomalt ISM981

GalenIQ 990 Isomalt ISM990


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